Product Features
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  • Easy to use -- models how prescriptions are written manually. Free download begins with 'hands on' tutorial.
  • Stores and maintains each patient's present and past medications, sorted by date or drug.
  • Prints or faxes prescriptions with a few button clicks.
  • Prints a daily medication schedule for patients, outlining clearly what is to be taken in the morning, at noon, bedtime, etc.
  • Compliant with NY, TX and MA special requirements.
  • Uses SmartSig™, which understands the shorthand language you use when writing prescriptions.
  • Automatically recognizes dose changes and will prompt for optional explanations.
  • Presents patient's prescription history either as printed text or graphically displayed via RxTimeLine™.
  • Daily prescription activity report: patient, drug, dose, prescriber.
  • List of patients whose prescriptions will be expected to run out during the clinician's absence or vacation.  This list can be used to generate reminder letters for patients.
  • Summary of current active medications: number of prescriptions, average dose.
  • Summary of a specific medication: list of patients, starting date, dosages, and changes with explanations.
  • Comes with a 'Program Formulary' of approximately 650 most commonly used medications.
  • Also comes with a list of FDA approved drugs with online link to weekly updated FDA site.
  • New medications for the 'Program Formulary' can be simply and easily added (with information populated via the FDA drug list).
  • Available as Single-User (Stand Alone) version or Multi-User (Network) version.
  • Network version supports up to 10 computers and 10 users.
  • Users can create, edit and print up to 12 different prescription headings, allowing use in multiple offices.
  • Demographic and clinical prescription data can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • Demographic information can be searched by name, birthday or phone numbers.
  • Can check patient's medication list for potential adverse drug interactions by accessing "The Medical Letter: Adverse Drug Interactions (ADIP)" purchased independently.
  • Supports 2 separate printers.  One dedicated for prescriptions along with another for reports -- no need to change paper.
  • Supports automatic data backup and data transfer using USB flashdrive.
  • Configured for multiple screen sizes including notebook and 'liliputers'.
  • One month free clinical trial (either in single user or network mode) available.
  • Remote installation optionally available with 1 month's free trial.
  • Vista compliant.
  • Updates are free and downloaded from the AmigoDoc website.  Users are alerted for the presence of a new update automatically.
  • Data security ensured by password protection, restrictions on data alteration and data integrity checks.
  Special Free Trial with Remote Installation

AmigoDoc Installed in Cortland CMHC

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