Provided you are authorized to write prescriptions in your state, we can give you one month's FREE use of the program.  You can test it for a month in a real clinical environment, printing prescriptions for your patients to take to the pharmacy.  Contact Dr. Rosen for more information.  (Phone 212-288-6380 or e-mail doc_arosen@yahoo.com)

Beyond the one month free trial, AmigoDoc is licensed on a subscription basis for a specific time.  The subscription fees start as low as $300 per year, less than one dollar per day!  The actual fee involved will depend on your particular configuration - for example, how many copies of the software are required and whether you would be running the software on a network system or on a stand alone computer.

For most systems, the monthly cost of AmigoDoc is significantly less than your typical cable or DSL bill.

For a free estimate of costs, fill in the information below.  We will reply to the e-mail address you provide below.  There is no obligation.

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AmigoDoc Installed in Cortland CMHC

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