Some Comments and Testimonials from Users

(Email addresses and phone numbers available on request.)

William Winters MD
Child Psychiatry
New York, NY

I just wanted to drop you an email.  After much consideration, I have decided that I would like to use AmigoDoc.  This is because it is the simplest, clearest software around and it satisfies my needs.  
The other software out there is labor intensive with a lot of data entry required.  They are also much more expensive than AmigoDoc.  Nothing out there is as good for tracking medication changes and trends.

Van Edward Scott MD
Pain Medicine
New Castle, PA

I love your software.  It has cut my work load by about 20-30%.

Annette Hill MD
Family Practice
Mount Pleasant, Iowa

I love this program!  It is outstanding!
Please, please, please make an EMR to go along with it.

Leonard Langman MD
Brooklyn, New York

My office assistant, Carol Krische, insists that it's the best thing that has come into the office.  We love it.  It's really streamlined our work.

Eric Tridas MD
Tridas Center for Child Development
Tampa, Florida

We have entered over 250 patients over the last 2 weeks and the program is working very well. Most importantly, my nurses love it!.

Charles Murkofsky MD
New York, New York

I think it's terrific.  It's easy to use, produces neat prescriptions, keeps a clear medication history, and is durable software.  It interfaces with the whole FDA pharmacopeia (so that one can personalize your own formulary) very easily and add medications as you see fit.  The speed of the program and being freed from handwriting scripts, (and my DEA number by hand on each rx) saves considerable time.

I don't want to work without it ever again.  I have used Dr Rosen's prescription programs (the precursors to Amigodoc) for years, and have clear medication records of all the patients I've been following over these years.


C. Perry Marshall MD
Occupational Medicine
Honolulu, Hawaii

I really like the program.  I particularly like things like phone numbers and dates that you have designed so one does not have to tab over to the next field; the program just does it for you.
Thanks for designing such a great program.

Christopher Lew MD
Pain Medicine
Slidell, Louisiana

The program is working great since you sent me the file, no further hiccups. I will download the updated program.

I have been very pleased with the program.


Frederick A Slezak MD

Akron, Ohio

I wanted you to know that your program is working nicely for my practice.  I am using the perforated paper that was recommended on your website.

Today I will be meeting with the manager of a large practice organization in our hospital and will recommend your program to her.

Jeffrey DeLisle M

Albany, New York    

Starting new patient files is quick and simple.  But now that established Amigo Doc patients are returning, the time savings is even more evident.

I am very pleased with what I have now.


Glen Loria M
Internal Medicine
New York, New York    

I just love the program since I started using it and so far I've encountered no problems. Some of the pharmacies near my office called me up and said that they hope more doctors start using prescription software similar to what we're using. Definitely no more call backs for unreadable handwriting. Since I installed the program, I acquired the drug interactions from Medical letter and have been using that too. I've invited some of colleagues to drop by my office so I could show them the program.  I am sure they will be impressed.



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Some Comments and Testimonials from Users

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