Some Recent Subscribers (**Network version)

Susanne Appel, M.D.             New York, NY                   Psychiatry

Jeffrey Bado, M.D.                 Philadelphia, PA                Pain Medicine

Joe Biederman, M.D.**           Boston, MA                      Child Psychiatry

John Bouras, M.D.                 Victoria, TX                       Psychiatry    

Charles Clemetson, M.D.       Yarmouth, ME                   Psychiatry

Cortland County CMHC **       Cortland, NY                     Psychiatry

Jose Cruz, M.D.                     Tampa, FL                       Pain Medicine

Larry Cummins, M.D.             Shelby, NC                       Psychiatry

Ronald Denton, M.D.              Morganton, NC                 Psychiatry

Mitchell Fearing, M.D.            Alachua, FL                      Internal Medicine

Gill Frei, M.D.**                     Bronx, NY                        Internal Medicine (Nephrology)

Arthur Gabriel, M.D.               New York, NY                   Psychiatry

Karen Gilmore, M.D.              New York, NY                   Psychiatry

Brandon Goff, D.O.                Baltimore, MD                   Pain Medicine

Annette Hill, M.D.                  Mount Pleasant, IA            Family Practice

Mary Pat Holler, F.N.P.          Glen Forks, ND                 Family Practice

Kris Houser, M.D.                  Knoxville, TN                     Psychiatry

Carl Hunt, M.D.                     Manassas, VA                  Psychiatry

Lawrence Jacobsberg, M.D.    New York, NY                   Psychiatry

Eric Jacobson, M.D.              Huntington, NY                  Pain Medicine

David Kaplan, M.D.                Albany, NY                       Psychiatry

Mahesh Kanojia, M.D.            Houston, TX                      Pain Medicine

Charles Kaufman, M.D.          New York, NY                   Psychiatry

Robert Kronenberg, M.D.        Sunrise, FL                       Pain Medicine

Leonard Langman, M.D.**       Brooklyn, NY                     Neurology

Christopher Lew, M.D.            Slidell, LA                         Pain Medicine

Owen Linder, M.D.**              Safety Harbor, FL              Internal Medicine

Glen Loria, M.D.                    South Ozone Park, NY       Internal Medicine

New Horizons                        Wellsville, NY                   Cont. Day Tx (Psych)

Jose Merced, M.D.                 Lafayette, LA                    Internal Medicine

Charles Murkofsky, M.D.        New York, NY                   Psychiatry

Siavash Nael, M.D.                Oklahoma City, OK            Psychiatry

Alberto Rivera, M.D.               Ponce, PR                        Pain Medicine

Deborah Simkin, M.D.            Destin, FL                         Psychiatry

Frederick Slezak, M.D.**        Akron, OH                        Surgery

Stepping Stones                    Warsaw, NY                     Cont. Day Tx (Psych)

Ernest Swihart, M.D.              Minnetonka, MN                Pediatrician

Eric Tridas, M.D.**                 Tampa, FL                        Child Psychiatry

Valle, Fernando, M.D.             Fort Myers, FL                 Pain Medicine

William Winters, M.D.            New York, NY                   Child Psychiatry


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