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The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) finalized a rule effective December 19, 2007 that allows a practitioner to issue a patient multiple 30 day prescriptions for the same controlled substance on the same day.  Each prescription requires a written instruction indicating a future date on which a pharmacist could fill the prescription.  Thus a patient could receive a 3 month supply of medication during a single visit.  The patient would receive 3 prescriptions, each dated on the day of the visit, but one indicating it could not be filled until 30 days in the future and a second indicating that it could not be filled until 60 days in the future.

AmigoDoc now incorporates a feature that satisfies this DEA requirement.  This feature allows you to print a 'Do not fill until' label on the prescription by simply clicking a button.  One click would automatically add a fill date 30 days in future, 2 clicks would add 60 days in the future.  Thus, using AmigoDoc, you can print a set of 3 prescriptions covering a 3 month period rather quickly, without having to do anything manually except sign them.


For more information, check 'Utilities --> Help Topics --> (Schedule II) Multiple Prescription Features Explained' in the Demo version of AmigoDoc.

Please note, however, that the particular regulations of your state may supersede this DEA ruling.  For example, this DEA multiple prescription ruling is not valid in New York State. When last checked (3/6/2008), New York State Public Health Law, being more stringent, overrides this DEA ruling.  Therefore, you should check with your state's regulatory agency.




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