Attention New York State Prescribers

Since April 19, 2006, New York State has required that all prescriptions be written on an official NYS prescription form. Besides the familiar prescription books, NYS makes available an 8˝ by 11 inch perforated laser printer form, which could be ordered on-line via the NYS Department of Health's Health Provider Network (HPN). They come in packages of 500 sheets and each perforated sheet tears down to 4 separate prescriptions. If less than 4 prescriptions are needed for a particular patient, the extra remaining prescriptions are printed with a 'VOID' indication.  This satisfies New York State regulations for using the 4-part form.  These forms can be ordered without cost from HPN's site and are designated there as "EMR LASER 4 UP". For more information on ordering these forms, please consult the HPN site for details.

Note: New York had issued a statement that "Effective Immediately, EMR-L4 product has been discontinued. Please order EMR-L1 as your replacement." EMR-L1 only allowed 1 prescription per form. They have since rescinded this edict.  They still produce and make available the EMR-L4 for qualified prescription software like AmigoDoc.  In any event, AmigoDoc will accept either EMR-L4 or EMR-L1.




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Attention New York State Prescribers

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