Special Free Trial (for qualified physicians)

We are now able to set up AmigoDoc on your computer and give you a month's free trial of the software.  All you have to do is arrange a time when you can be in front of your computer and on the phone with us.  We will do the rest.

We will (1) remotely install the software, (2) configure it for your practice and (3) unlock it for 1 month's free trial.  During that time you will have full use of the software.  In addition, while we are on the phone, we can guide you through some of its essential features. 

To qualify, you must be licensed in your state and be certified to write prescriptions.  Contact us via email (doc_arosen@yahoo.com) or phone (212-288-6380) for more information.

How are you able to do this remotely?

We use a service called
'Techinline Remote Desktop' (see www.techinline.com).  The service allows us to instantly access and control your computer over the Internet.

If you can go on my computer remotely to install the software, does this leave the 'door open' to you or someone else?
No.  All communication is secure and private. You must provide a different access key with each individual remote session.  A strong, 128-bit encryption provides reliable security for your session data.

What happens after the month free trial expires?
At the end of the month, you can elect to uninstall the program or subscribe for a minimum of one year.  If you continue the subscription, any data that has been created during the trial period is retained.

Is this free trial available for networks?



  Special Free Trial with Remote Installation

AmigoDoc Installed in Cortland CMHC

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