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AmigoDoc is a clinically-oriented, "easy-to-use" prescription software package.  It enables you to display a patient's current medications, and with a key stroke and/or mouse click, write and print prescriptions while automatically recording them in the patient's prescription database.  Here are a few of its functions that can be illustrated.

AmigoDoc prints and records prescriptions.

You write the prescription while AmigoDoc prints it, saves it, collates, interprets and displays the data for you.  No extra effort is required.

AmigoDoc manages your prescription data.

For your patients, AmigoDoc will print a "daily schedule" patient when to take medications, and a log of all prescriptions ever written.  For colleagues and third parties, it will generate a text summary of your patient's prescription history, listing when and explaining why medications were started, stopped, stepped up or down in dose.


AmigoDoc makes your practice more efficient and responsive.

Produce a journal page for all prescriptions written on a particular date, and by whom.  Tell AmigoDoc when you are going on vacation and generate a list of patients with prescriptions that will be running out during your absence.

AmigoDoc is available in a stand-alone, single-user version or multi-user, networked version.  Prescriptions can be sent to the printer or sent out via fax.  Users can create and choose among twelve different prescription headings.

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